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If you own ActionPac equipment, we’ll support it, forever.
You have a problem? Call. You have a question? Call. FaceTime. Team Viewer. Snapchat. Viber. ICQ. WeChat. Whatever fancy schmancy technology happens next… No receipt required. No password. Just humans connecting with humans.

We promise that we’ll get back to you within 24 business hours, but it’s usually much faster, most of the time within the hour, often times within 15 minutes. If we’re we’re at our desk, we’ll pick up the phone.

Even if you didn’t buy the machine from us, we’ll help you. Let’s be honest. We’re not going to drop everything and show up at your door with a hostess gift. But, we’ll call you back. We’ll help you out, point you in the right direction and maybe even fix your problem. No cost or obligation. Of course, a holiday card would be nice.

Parts are warrantied for one year. If a part fails, we’ll replace it for free, no questions asked. Of course, we don’t warranty your mistakes. If you, for example, drop a load cell in the toilet, that’s on you. However, we promise to laugh with you, not at you.

On site labor is covered for the first 90 days. Travel expenses are not covered. Just an FYI – most of our techs like those hotel rooms with the vibrating beds.

After the first 90 days, on site labor is $165.00 per hour, plus travel expenses. Here’s the good news. We fix 97.3 % of problems remotely, as in free. Really, 97.3% is our best guesstimate. It might be 98.5%. Either way, it’s a really high percentage. Our machines are made with maintenance in mind, and our techs are really good at problem solving, even if it’s something on your end, which honestly, it usually is.

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