Our Story


ActionPac is an innovative engineering and manufacturing company that does everything in house and is one of a few mechatronics operators globally as well as one of the last remaining true US packaging/automation manufacturers.

ActionPac develops and manufactures equipment and systems to automate all aspects of production packaging. A second generation, family-owned company, we’ve got 45 years of designing, building and servicing automated packaging machinery under our belts.

We’ve been learning and working since the 1970’s and are proud of the institutional knowledge base held within the organization.


ActionPac specializes in complex packaging and end of line systems with an emphasis on precision weighing automation. At our core we are a scale company, weighing is our life and metrology our creed. It’s where we got our start and at the heart of every system: simple, complex, big and small, is our proprietary weighing technology.


When ActionPac began developing net-weigh systems and packaging automation we started in specialty coffee, way back last century. Along the way, over the turn of the century, we have developed systems for all sectors such as consumer goods, food/IQF, bulk nuts, snacks, pharma, defense, aerospace, agriculture, etc. Many of our clients are well known and every system is unique.



Our goal is to bring efficiency to all processes that touch every aspect of packaging. From the equipment and hardware to the necessary methods and procedures. ActionPac sets out to empower an organization’s most valuable asset, it’s human capital. Working with ActionPac is not just a means of equipment and hardware procurement. It is a business development relationship that will assist in meeting your organization’s near and long-term goals.


We work hard for our clients. ActionPac has over 4,000 systems located on every continent, except Antarctica of course, and nearly every country. Our secret: we care, we provide service, and our systems are built to last. The first machine we ever built is still in use today and we still service it.

We can’t afford for only part of a system to work or to provide “off the shelf” equipment to customers, expecting them to learn it, on their own. We can’t afford to take you for granted. When you buy equipment from us you aren’t just getting the equipment. You’re signing up for a long-term relationship where we educate and walk you through every part of the process.


Whether you’re new to automation or an expert, we listen, we pay attention and we care about every detail of your needs. Even if you don’t know what those are yet we help guide you. At ActionPac we invent new ways to automate every single day because we understand what a lot of other companies don’t: your product and your package is special, and it deserves proper attention to detail.

We don’t just provide flashy equipment that looks good on paper, we focus on providing you with robust industrial equipment that is built to last for life – built right here in the United States.


We price competitively and provide reasonable lead times. We have boots on the ground with service by actual ActionPac Field Engineers that can often be arranged within the same week and for our domestic clients sometimes even the same day! ActionPac is proud to provide and service turnkey solutions worldwide. Give us the chance to prove to you that we’re the choice you never knew you needed to make.

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One-stop shop for high-quality, automated packaging solutions, used by our customers globally, across various industries: coffee, cannabis, food, nuts, snacks, fruit/veggies, pet food, bakery items and more!