Innovative Packaging

for Cannabis Products


Free Your Mind - from Packaging Limitations

Bringing our 45+ year knowledge and expertise to bear on the cannabis industry over the past decade has culminated in a portfolio of impressive industry-leading clients and a range of cannabis packaging equipment that is at the leading edge of cannabis automation.

Innovating to Support Your Needs

Precision Cones

Our equipment has the flexibility to accommodate a range of cone sizes, shapes and flavors. This together with your branding enables you to provide the best possible pre-roll on the market.


ActionPac makes the only equipment that can run any type of infused product all day. Ability to run any size cone. 1600 pre-rolls / hr. Easy to use, operate and clean. No maintenance required.


Fast and accurate semi- and fully automated systems for bulk containers and 1 lb. bags or higher.


ActionPac has been in the food industry since 1977 so edibles are nothing new for us. From cookies to gummies to pet treats we have solutions for anything edible, no matter the package size or type.


Large Buds. Small Buds. Run Blended, Separate or Combined Any size jars & bags • 1250+ jars per hour • +/- 3% accuracy • .001g resolution. Easy to operate, low profile equipment footprint fits any size room.

Dry Concentrates​

Run kief, shatter, dry crumble and all powders in between. Our laboratory-quality gramming equipment is semi-automated and highly precise.


ActionPac 420 Growth Bundle


Compliant Pre-Roll Production for all Product Types and Environments

The ROLLMASTER420 System is a complete pre-roll production system consisting of patent pending equipment, a modular process and innovative method.

The result is a constant production flow of compliant pre-rolls that are filled by net weight, not gross weight, consistently and evenly packed.

See the RollMaster420 in Action


Precision Bud Weighing

The only automated machine to mix at least one large bud with small buds In each jar, guaranteed.

The numbers don’t lie. Mixing large and small buds means more profit.

The MICRO420 was built to accommodate the unique material properties and flow characteristics of cannabis.

See the Micro420 in Action


Automated Cone Solution

The TWISTMASTER has landed and is the latest addition to our patented ROLLMASTER420 Series. Designed for easy implementation for a seamless transition into an existing line or as the final piece in a new installation.
See the TwistMaster in Action


Automated Weigh and Fill System

The MINI420 is the only automated weigh and fill system designed to weigh cannabis in both its flower and ground shake form to an accuracy of +/-3%.

See the Mini420 in Action


High Volume Flower Packaging

Comes in multiple sizes and resolutions. Best suited for high volume applications of smalls or applications focused on larger retail weights 3.5g and above. A great choice for operators new to automation or those focused on speed over tight tolerances.

See the Rad420 in Action


We support your equipment for life. You might even get some sleep.

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